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Behaviour management programme

Tom Bennett Training offers an extensive programme to improve behaviour management both at a classroom and a whole-school level. The training will improve the knowledge and skills of both leadership and teaching staff in schools, enabling them to design, build and maintain an optimal culture of positive behaviour.

Free* resources & support

Pupils and staff flourish when we become the conscious architects of our learning cultures.

Get access to an online package of materials, an online support community of peers, and expert feedback from the course trainers.

*for eligible schools. Click here for terms.

Expert practical training

We believe that training is only useful when it is embedded in practice, revisited, and consolidated.

All courses designed and led by Tom Bennett, behaviour advisor to the Department of Education, and best-selling author, in conjunction with Doug Lemov, internationally acclaimed author of ‘Teach Like a Champion.’

“Good behaviour is fundamental to every outcome we value in education: academic outcomes, social skills, employability, citizenship, creativity, critical thinking, and more. Teachers and leaders can make a huge difference by creating fantastic cultures in their rooms and schools where learning, civility, and community are valued. Our training offers school staff the tools to do exactly that, in ways that have been tested in some of the best schools in the UK and beyond.”

— Tom Bennett

What participants are saying

[What was useful about the course was] having the opportunity to discuss with my colleagues the impacts of changes and possible ideas to develop culture.

January participantRunning a School

Tom’s wealth/breadth of experience is very useful.

January participantRunning a School

Excellent research based evidence about planning, delivering and maintaining a school culture.

January participantRunning a School

Inspirational and thought provoking. Thanks so much.

February participantRunning a School

Loads of ideas; absolute clarity on key messages; common sense; wealth of experience from other schools and Tom.

March participantRunning a School

It was useful to get together to discuss issues and challenges and possible solutions/best practice through the lens of an objective third party with relevant experiences.

April booster day participantRunning a Room

It made you reflect on the changes we have made since our initial training and question if they are effective and what else we should do. It helped unify behaviour views across the whole school.

April booster day participantRunning a Room

Welcome to Tom Bennett Training

Our aim is to deliver practical and evidence-informed training to schools, school leaders and classroom practitioners in order to maximise the impact of education. We believe in the Great Project of Education: to transform the lives of all children for the better, helping us to raise informed, wise students who are scholars, citizens and flourishing human beings, in a flourishing society.


This course would normally retail at a commercial rate of several hundred pounds per person. Due to generous support from the DfE, this course is FREE to all eligible schools. This funding is limited to a first come, first-served basis. Please sign up now to avoid disappointment.


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